UPDATE 18-8-2013

Not to much activity on the games section,

However i did get 4 consoles added to the collection.

Pretty soon i will start uploading a new console to this site once i finished a deal ;)

I am still looking for help on photographing the real Collectors Editions and rare stuff, proffesionals please contact me

Anyway here are 70 new additions to the collection.

UPDATE 27-4-2013

Sorry I didnt update the site for a while but not a lot happend.

However now we have 49 new games and all episodes of the Zelda stream

Also the bug on the game boy page has been fixed thanks for the report "Darkwatch/Ducktales linked wrong"

UPDATE 8-3-2013

Added 46 new games to the list.

UPDATE - 1-3-2013

Added Episode 12 and 13

Episode 13 - Mega Man 2

Episode 12 - Dragon Warrior